Series Preface: Letters to an Adopted Child

My wife and I are at the beginning of the adoption process, and I am growing increasingly excited about our future son or daughter. What I’m particularly excited for is sharing how I see the world with him or her. I’ve always been a better communicator through writing than through talking, and so I’ve decided to write out short reflections on everyday things or everyday actions in an attempt to share part of myself with my future son or daughter.

Though this child will not carry my DNA, I hope he or she internalizes my feelings, beliefs, and memories found in these letters, and carries my soul instead.

These will be addressed to him or her as the sole intended audience. I will post one reflection every Saturday to keep myself accountable to write and to hopefully encourage you as well.

Neither the idea of a letter to a child nor a series of short reflections on everyday things is original to me. This idea came to me after reading various fiction and nonfiction works. Here are just a few authors I have in mind throughout this project: Marilynne Robinson (Gilead), Ta-Nehisi Coates (Between the World and Me), and Karl Ove Knausgaard (Seasons Quartet).

In the list above, the latter has been the most influential on my writing. And although Knausgaard’s book is a beautiful book, worthy of literary imitation, it is imperfect. One quality lacking in Knausgaard’s writing is a reverence for life built on the gospel of Jesus Christ, his writing approaches this at times, but never arrives.

In my reflections, you will see how the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just a part of my soul but the entirety of it. The substance of my soul is the Incarnate Word, the true light of the world.